Alternative flower delivery services for joyful gifting

Alternative flower delivery services for joyful gift giving from afar

Unconventional flowers and fabulous flower delivery services from Tokyo to LA. Wonderfully blooming.

Nothing says “I love you” like a bouquet of flowers. Unless you have chosen an arrangement that in no way suits the taste or style of the recipient. To prevent imitation flowers, we’ve scoured the world for the most innovative florists who deliver everything from multi-colored extravagances to classic red roses door-to-door.

Flowers may fade, but these fancy bouquets will have a lasting place in your memory.

The angel


Brrch’s creations look like the magnificent bouquets of flowers by the Dutch masters of the 17th century when they are reproduced in highlighters rather than oil paints. The New York-born but currently LA-based Brrch arrangements are so exuberant in their execution that they almost border on the vulgar, making them unforgettable and ultimately delightful visual treats.

new York


Woman is the brainchild of Sophie Parker, who uses a background in painting to apply her brush to leaves and flowers to create plants that are really works of art. Through the website of New York-based jewelry brand Mociun, Parker now offers unique hand-painted anthurium stems that are ideal for those who want something more interesting than the typical bouquet.

Meta flora

Like Frau, Meta Flora focuses on the shape of individual flowers to create arrangements that are unconventional but somehow nicely coherent. The florist for the Dimes restaurant – a watering hole before Covid-19 for Manhattan’s creative set – Meta Flora has secured its place as one of the edgiest botanical suppliers in the city.



Calma is a Miami-based flower studio that creates vibrant bouquets of flowers with a tropical flavor. All of Calma’s arrangements are made from what’s fresh in the market that morning, making each of them a happy surprise to anyone lucky enough to receive them.

Mexico city

Flowers Faith

Flores La Fe creates bouquets of flowers that embody the vibrancy of his homeland, Mexico City. The idea of ​​designer Carla Valdivia and her colleague Roberto Sanchez, Flores La Fes wild combinations of Technicolor flowers, can be ordered by email.


Baltimore flowers

Mark Colle is making some pretty fashionable flowers. The Antwerp-based florist has worked with Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and most importantly, Raf Simons, with whom he worked on the iconic flower walls of the 2012 Ciorure show, Dior.

Colle’s unique eye for flowers can be seen in his Baltimore Bloemen store all year round. Located just steps from Rubens House, Baltimore Bloemen is a work of art in itself, with a crowded selection of rare flowers and plants to display in the shop to your liking.



London-based florist Fjura creates ikebana-like compositions with petals – roses, peonies, wisteria – that add a touch of English romanticism to their stripped-down structure. By collaborating with Gucci, Hermes and Chanel, Fjura has won the admiration of fashion’s greatest flavor makers, but that doesn’t mean its bouquets are only for a select audience. Custom orders can be ordered through Fjura’s website starting at £ 100.


For the Palais founder Emma Weaver, every bouquet is a playful experiment in its own right. “We love to question the conventional idea of ​​a flower’s natural shape,” she says, “turning it upside down and often literally upside down.”

The colorful arrangements are innovative in composition and use often unexpected materials, including chains, lights and fabrics. The Shoreditch-based studio has worked with Hermès, Burberry, and even Wallpaper *, but also offers custom bouquets of flowers for purchase on its website.


Beaver florist

Louis-Géraud Castor worked as an art dealer for 15 years before opening his flower shop in the Marais district of Paris. He cites “abstraction” and “brutalism” as artistic styles that are of particular importance to him, and their influence is evident in his floral compositions, which tend to combine picturesque blooms with weighty stone vases to create a striking juxtaposition.


Florist Bianchi Caffè

In the Fioraio Bianchi Caffè, fine food and fine flowers are on the menu. Fioraio Bianchi Caffè has been in the Brera design district for over 40 years and has established itself as a reliable place to quickly buy an elegant bouquet and, while you’re there, maybe an aperitif.


Top bird

With their bold floral combinations and experimental colors, Lacy Bird’s arrangements look like they were harvested from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris rather than from the earth. While they may look otherworldly, Lacy Bird’s bouquets are ultimately so alluring that they make a good fit for an Earthling home. They also look good in advertising, as evidenced by the recent addition of the business to Prada’s “Flower Kiosk” themed campaign at Resort 2020.


Flower gardens

Jardins des Fleurs is the Tokyo concept store of the renowned flower artist Makoto Azuma and the photographer Shiinoki Shunsuke. The shop is introduced as a “flower butchery” where white-coated staff remove “live” flowers from a refrigerator in the center of the shop before they are cut and arranged on steel tabletops.

Azuma’s cross-border vision has resulted in some of the most innovative creations in modern floral design. Previous projects include freezing flowers in blocks of ice for a Dries Van Noten show and shooting a 50-year-old bonsai tree into space. The individual arrangements in the Jardins of the Fleurs Shop are not that experimental, but they are guaranteed to be no less memorable.



McQueen’s works in the more traditional setting of flower arrangements, ditching the cacophonic colors and experimental shapes of many other contemporary florists in favor of bouquets that celebrate the natural beauty of the flowers themselves. The result is a series of sure crowd pleasers – a bouquet of red roses, a bunch of white anemones – all available in McQueen’s Seoul, New York, or London.


Hattie Molloy

Melbourne-based botanical artist Hattie Molloy has become an Instagram phenomenon with her arrangements that are ikebana-style and crayola color palette. Although Molloy only offers her flower services for editorials and events, admirers of her work can purchase framed prints, t-shirts, and even mugs adorned with her lush bouquets of flowers from her online store.

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