8 Online Grocery Delivery Services That Are Fast and Easy

Online grocery delivery services are quick and easy, and come with a range of products you may not even find at your local grocery store.

Consumers have different preferences when it comes to grocery shopping, so it is important to find a delivery service that suits you best. Here we’ve rounded up the best delivery services for your next online shopping experience.

Screenshot of the Instacart homepage

Instacart is an online grocery delivery service that is fast becoming a market leader.

It’s essentially a personal shopper service: browse nearby supermarkets, decide what to buy, and Instacart connects you with a personal shopper who will pick up and deliver your items for you.

You can also send and chat with them in real time while your in-person shopper is picking up your groceries to make sure they are getting exactly what you want. With your groceries being delivered by personal buyers instead of a van, you can be confident that your items will be well handled and cared for by the time they reach your doorstep.

Shipping costs start at $ 3.99 and pickup fees start at $ 1.99. If you choose Instacart, you can sign up for Instacart Express, where orders over $ 35 come for free.

Download: Instacart for Android | iOS (free)

Homepage for the dispatch of groceries

Shipt is owned by Target and is also enjoying rapidly growing popularity with consumers in the United States.

A great feature of Shipt is that you can shop for groceries whenever you want. This means that you can place an order in advance if the supermarket you want to shop at is closed. When your selected supermarket is open, your pre-ordered groceries will be delivered.

However, you need to sign up for a paid membership to use it. A monthly membership is $ 14 / month, while an annual membership is $ 99. As with Instacart, shipping is free for orders over $ 35.

Download: Shipping for Android | iOS (free)

Screen capture of the Amazon Fresh homepage

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s answer to the competitive online grocery shipping industry. With a $ 9.99 delivery fee, you can buy a wide variety of fresh produce, staple groceries, household items, and beauty and wellness products.

In fact, many use Amazon Fresh to buy Whole Foods products. Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017, so Amazon Fresh carries some of its products.

Amazon Fresh now also accepts SNAP EBT card payments. If you have Amazon Prime, this is good news for you as Amazon Prime members can enjoy Amazon Fresh with no membership fees and free shipping for orders over $ 50.

Download: Amazon Prime Now for Android | iOS (free)

Screencapture from Walmart's online grocery homepage

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, Walmart is your best friend. The online grocery delivery service is the ideal choice for price-conscious customers.

You can search hundreds of different brands of food, drink and household items using the Walmart mobile app or website.

The shipping cost is $ 9.95. However, if you regularly shop at Walmart, the company is now offering a new service called Walmart +. For $ 98 / year, all shipments are free for your online Walmart orders.

Like Amazon Fresh, Walmart accepts payments via SNAP EBT cards.

Download: Walmart for Android | iOS (free)

Screen capture of the Boxed homepage

Boxed is the perfect choice for shoppers who want to stock up on groceries and basic necessities. The company markets itself as an online wholesale service, selling basic groceries in bulk at competitive prices. This makes Boxed ideal for large families and for those who prepare meals on a regular basis.

The Boxed website is often where you can find deals and coupons on various items. So be sure to check them out before you start shopping on the website. Each order also includes free samples of various products.

With Boxed you can schedule delivery to your home up to five days in advance. No membership is required to use Boxed. Free shipping on orders over $ 49.

Download: Boxed for Android | iOS (free)

Screen capture of the Postmates homepage

Postmates isn’t just takeaway on Friday nights. Did you know that you can also have your groceries delivered with the app?

Just enter your zip code into the app and you can search restaurants and businesses that are on Postmates.

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Postmates is a wonderful two-in-one combination between restaurant delivery and grocery delivery. If you feel like using the app, you can sign up for Postmates Unlimited, where you can get your groceries or groceries for free for orders of $ 12 or more. You can access Postmates Unlimited for $ 9.99 per month or $ 99.99 per year.

Download: Postmates for Android | iOS (free)

Screen capture of the FreshDirect homepage

As the name suggests, FreshDirect guarantees that only the best groceries are delivered to you. Founded in 2002, the company is one of the first in the US to offer online grocery delivery services.

FreshDirect sources fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood from all over the world. Before FreshDirect puts food on the shelves, it hands the products over to experienced taste testers who ensure the quality.

The shipping cost for all orders on FreshDirect is $ 5.99. However, the downside to FreshDirect is that it’s only available in select states, including New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Download: FreshDirect for Android | iOS (free)

Screen capture from Thrive Market Homepage

Thrive Market is great for those looking for affordable organic food. The user-friendly website interface makes it easy to search for foods based on your dietary preferences. Whether you want gluten-free, vegan, or keto-friendly food, Thrive Market has it all.

As with Shipt, you must create an account in order to purchase groceries from Thrive Market. You will then be provided with a catalog of healthy and organic products on the website, compiled based on your eating preferences.

Get climate-neutral free shipping on orders over $ 49. Speaking of healthier eating habits, if you want to take better care of yourself, check out our list of the best hidden diets to help you eat healthier.

Download: Thrive Market for Android | iOS (free)

Comprehensive online grocery delivery services

It’s no surprise that the online grocery delivery market is booming. These services are convenient, affordable, and don’t require leaving your home.

For your next shopping experience, try one of these websites to save money and time.


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