7 On Your Side: Tips for hiring reputable movers in the age of COVID

NEW YORK (WABC) – Planning a moving company has grown in urgency in this age of COVID.

However, hiring moving companies is part of the art and especially the science. 7 On your side Nina Pineda has the tips to compensate for a stressful situation.

It’s mass migration. According to Postal Records, more than 300,000 residents left New York City’s five boroughs in the last eight months of last year.

A leading moving company says the New York, New Jersey area is the leader in the nation.

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How to do the right steps:

First, start researching moving companies about two months before you move. The Better Business Bureau shows you reviews and if there are any complaints from customers. Make sure the mover is licensed. Interstate moving companies must be licensed by the Department of Transportation. Intra-state movers must be licensed by your state.

Unlicensed movers are a dozen. We were there every year when New Jersey Consumer Affairs caught unlicensed moving companies in a stab operation. Some of the people who showed up were drug users, had no driver’s license, and some even had active arrest warrants. It’s pretty scary who shows up. Make sure to check that the move license is active.

Also, receive at least three firm estimates. Due to COVID, no personal estimates are available at your home. However, reputable companies like Mayflower let you do a virtual estimate using a cell phone to show how much you need to move.

Insurance comes next. First, check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if you are covered. You should also consider taking out additional insurance over the mover. If you don’t, typical mover contracts will only pay you based on the weight of the damaged item, which turns out to be pennies on the dollar spent on your most valuable possessions.

At some other big takeaways, don’t forget to update your insurance for both homeowners and cars before your big day.

Transfer utilities on your behalf. And change your address by mail, as well as your driver’s license, vehicle and all credit cards. Good Trip!

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