4 Best Moving Companies in New York State (2021)

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4 Best Moving Companies in New York (2021)

Top Moving Companies in New York State Reviews 

It is a challenge to move in any capacity. Whether it is an interstate move, a move across a state, or a local move within your city, moving can be riddled with unexpected challenges, unexpected costs, and stressful events. 

Moving anywhere across New York State follows this trend as well. Whether you are moving in New York City, Long Island, Buffalo, or Syracuse, utilizing a professional moving company is an excellent way to save money and reduce stress during a move. Moving companies can assist you and your family with packing, unpacking, transportation, delivery, and protection of valuable items. This will provide you with some peace of mind during what can be a difficult process. 

Our research team has evaluated some of the most reputable moving companies in New York State to help you in your decision-making process. Keep reading this round-up to see how moving companies in New York State compare on overall cost, services provided, and customer satisfaction. We will make recommendations on which company might be best for you and your specific move after comparing the pros and cons of each. 

#1. PODS: Best Overall 

PODS is a moving company offering a somewhat nontraditional method of moving. With PODS, you are able to load a moving container at your own pace and convenience, taking as long as you need. The company then transports and delivers your belongings to your new residence whenever you tell it to. You are then able to unload your moving container according to your own schedule. PODS is highly flexible and holds a good reputation with its customers. Also, if you run into any unexpected roadblocks, PODS will keep your belongings at one of their many storage facilities across New York State. 


  • Upfront about prices and costs
  • Flexible to work around your schedule 
  • State-of-the-art storage facilities are used in case anything goes wrong 


  • Discounts only available for military members
  • Customer satisfaction varies according to location 
  • Loading and unloading services only available via third-party

Services and Cost 

PODS is an entirely self-service moving company. It will deliver one or more of its moving containers to your original residence, where you will then take as long as you need to load up the moving container. You will then notify PODS when you need the moving container picked up and delivered to your new residence. Once it arrives at your new home, you can then unload the moving container at your own pace. 

PODS can provide packing and unpacking services for you through third-party providers if you need it. You can also order as many moving containers as you need. PODS offers three different sizes of moving containers: 

  • 7-Foot Container: Ideal for studio apartment moves; packs area under 500 sq. ft.; similar to a 10’ moving truck
  • 12-Foot Container: Ideal for small apartment or 2-3 room moves; packs a 500-800 sq. ft. space; similar to a 15’ moving truck
  • 16-Foot Container: Ideal for homes with 3-4 rooms; packs approximately 1,200 sq. ft,; similar to a 20’ moving truck

You can find PODS’ prices listed clearly on its website. For a local move using just the storage pods, the company’s website estimates it would cost between $349 and $549. For a full-service move, it estimates a cost of roughly $1,250. Here are some factors that PODS considers when pricing a move: 

  • Origin of the move 
  • Distance of your move
  • Which container size you need 
  • How many storage pods you order

We recommend that you get a free quote from PODS to make sure you have the most accurate pricing information for a long-distance move.

Our Take on PODS 

Superlative: Best Overall 

PODS is a great option for any move. Our research team considers it the Best Overall choice due its flexibility, transparent pricing, and its ability to fit into your schedule and cater to your specific moving needs. Finding a company that is willing to be upfront about its cost is a rarity in the moving industry. It is also a great benefit that PODS allows you to choose either handling your items yourself or paying for professional movers to take care of everything for you. We highly recommend visiting PODS to get a free estimate and see how it can help with your upcoming move in New York. 

#2. International Van Lines: Best Full-Service

International Van Lines is a great option for anyone looking for a more traditional approach to moving. It is a moving company that offers full-service packing services, as well as some specialty services for customers with unique items like expensive artwork or recreational equipment. International Van Lines holds an overall positive reputation, though customer experiences appear to vary according to location. 


  • Availability anywhere in the United States
  • Speciality services available, like car and boat relocation services
  • Offers full-service packing and unpacking services 


  • No sample pricing available 
  • Poor communication mentioned in some customer reviews

Services and Cost 

International Van Lines provides crating, packing, upacking, storage solutions, transportation, and specific moving services. The disassembly and reassembly of basic furniture, standard moving supplies like protective pads and blankets, fuel, mileage, and toll fees are also included in your services. The company also offers up to $10,000 of liability coverage. You have the option to receive these services as either partial-service or full-service depending on how much you want to pay. Check out some of the services you can receive from International Van Lines below: 

  • Partial or full-pack services
  • Short-term or long-term storage 
  • Car relocation services
  • Corporate relocation services
  • Speciality services for recreational and sports equipment, large appliances, pianos, and more 

Similar to other moving companies, International Van Lines’ pricing depends on several factors, some of which include: 

  • Time and date of your move
  • Location of your original residence
  • Distance of the move 
  • Size/weight of your move

An estimate for moving a two-bedroom home from Syracuse, New York, to Garden City, New York, comes out to between $2,015 and $3,445. This estimate includes International Van Lines’ team loading and driving the moving truck for you. We encourage you to use the company’s Moving Cost Calculator to determine what you might pay for your move. 

We also recommend receiving a more detailed quote by visiting International Van Lines. 

Our Take on International Van Lines 

Superlative: Best Full-Service

If you desire a more traditional, full-service experience, International Van Lines is the choice for you. With its variety of services, International Van Lines can assist with your move, whatever the size or distance. Its speciality services deserve a highlight as well, as it is always useful to find a company that can deal with difficult items like pianos and antiques. 

We suggest that you receive more information about International Van Lines by getting a free quote from their website to see if they fit your moving needs. 

#3. Handled: Best Online Platform 

Handled differs from other moving companies like PODS or International Van Lines in that it’s a service that matches you with local movers based on your specific moving needs. Handled uses artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions to match you to the right company. It also features a user-friendly website and is one of the best online services on the market currently. Handled can easily simplify your moving experience. 


  • Move Manager and its free app are highly useful tools 
  • User-friendly website and experience 
  • Has partnerships in over half of the United States


  • Not available in 16 states
  • Some services, like packing, are not included in its main moving package 

Services and Cost 

Think of Handled as a personal moving assistant that helps you organize your move rather than a moving company. One of Handled’s most unique features is that it can provide you with a flat-rate for moving plans. Some services that you can receive from moving companies in New York State include: 

  • Loading and transportation 
  • Packing and unpacking 
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Furniture shrink-wrapping and protection
  • Mirror and artwork protection

Here are some services that can be added to your package: 

  • Short-term storage
  • Long-term vaulted storage
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Trash and junk removal
  • Specialty services for unique items like pianos and artwork 

Handled takes into account these services, alongside the costs for the local mover it connects you with, to determine the overall cost. Its fixed, flat rate does not change once it has been established, which is a rare feature compared to other moving companies. 

We suggest you visit Handled online to receive a free quote and see what local movers the company can connect you with. 

Our Take on Handled 

Superlative: Best Online Platform

If you prefer to receive a flat-rate and enjoy simplicity and transparency, then Handled might be a worthwhile investment. Handled’s online tools and app will assist you in making your move stress-free and simple. 

We encourage you to visit Handled to get more information and a free quote to help you move across New York State. 

#4. Bellhop: Best Customization 

Like Handled, Bellhop is another moving service that features easy-to-use online tools to make your move stress-free. You can also receive highly customized moving packages through Bellhop. The company offers a build-your-own service that allows you to mix and match whatever service you find important for your move. You can also find similar services with Bellhop that many other moving companies feature, such as packing, delivery, loading, unloading, and packing supplies. Bellhop functions on an hourly labor model as well, which makes it ideal for smaller moves. 


  • Hourly labor model works well with local moves 
  • Build-your-own service option 
  • Easy-to-use and helpful online tools 


  • Available in only 26 states
  • No speciality services offered for items like recreational equipment or pianos 

Services and Cost 

Bellhop’s build-your-own service package is a major benefit that you do not find with many other moving companies. Bellhop allows you to have full control over what services you receive during your move instead of providing you with a predetermined package. Listed below are some of the services you can build your package with: 

  • Hourly labor 
  • Packing services
  • Driving and delivery 
  • Packing couples 
  • Build-your-own service 

Bellhop determines its cost based on the individual customer due to its customization option. Here are some of the factors that impact the overall price: 

  • Insurance coverage
  • Size of your move 
  • Distance of your move 
  • Additional services purchased 

We recommend that you visit Bellhop to get a free estimate and see which of its services might fit your needs. 

Our Take on Bellhop

Superlative: Best Customization

If you prefer to have plenty of options and customization, Bellhop is the choice for you. If you also only want professional assistance with certain parts of your move, such as loading and unloading, Bellhop can make this happen. It also simplifies the moving experience through its user-friendly website and online tools. 

We suggest you obtain more information and a free quote from Bellhop to start building your moving package with them today. 

Frequently Asked Question About Moving Companies in New York State 

How do I change my residency to New York State?

New York features a residency change process similar to that of many other states. Some of the important steps to consider outside of the typical moving process include: establish domicile, change your mailing address and forward your mail, change your address with utility providers, 

change your IRS address, and obtain a new driver’s license.

What qualifies you as a New York State resident?

You are a New York resident if you are domiciled in New York State or if you reside in New York State for more than 184 days during the taxable year. 

How much notice do you need to give a moving company?

Though you can probably plan a move with a moving company in a week or two, in general, it is suggested that you provide a moving company with a month to two months notice to plan your move in order to have peace of mind during the entire process. 

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