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Former Trump Aide for the Primary Challenge against Kinzinger

The representative Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.) Is faced with a great challenge by a former adviser to the Trump administration, as the pro-Trump faction of the GOP wants to oust Republicans like Kinzinger, who voted for the second impeachment of the former president to have. Catalina Lauf, who served in the Commerce Department under the Trump administration, launched an offer Thursday to oust Kinzinger from his seat in Illinois’ 16th Congressional District. “I never thought I’d be a Republican, but is Congressman Kinzinger really more of a Republican? It’s not and we have the proof, ”said the 27-year-old challenger in a video with campaign announcements. Lauf said her 42-year-old opponent was a “weak-kneed Republican” who “cares more about his next MSNBC appearance than the voters who voted for him.” She claimed Kinzinger did not support the America First movement and noted his “one of three votes” in Congress, which joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D., California. “Instead of being in our fight, Adam betrayed his constituents for a life in the DC swamp,” said Lauf, who described herself as an “anti-AOC”. She beats up her “Fake Republican” opponent because he ” promoted false impeachment fraud for a president who has already resigned. “” He said impeachment was “necessary to save America.” What? “Lauf said.” Do you know what I think will be necessary to save America, Adam? Put tenure limits on people like you and the rest of your friends. Six terms in Congress is enough. “Kinzinger is one in ten Republicans House of Representatives who backed Trump’s impeachment for “inciting insurrection” after a crowd of former president’s supporters stormed the US Capitol last month. Others who backed the impeachment, including Representative Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.) And Representative Anthony Gonzalez (R., Ohio) are also likely to face the Republican candidate’s main challenges for Trump. Gonzalez is expected to face a major challenge from a former Trump aide, Max Miller, who is in white House served. Politico says Miller has been in talks with Republican leaders since he left the White House last month ish donors in Ohio and other Republican leaders. A native of northeast Ohio, Miller recently bought a house in Rocky River, located in the 16th district of Gonzalez, according to the report. As for Lauf, she says her election will focus on a number of topics including “social media censorship”, “electoral integrity”, “free speech”, “gun rights”, “illegal immigration” and “retention of the law” . ” Economy is running. “Lauf is the daughter of a Guatemalan mother with a migrant background and the father of a small business owner. This is Lauf’s second offering to Congress held in the 14th Congressional District of Illinois in 2020. Senator Jim Oberweis knocked out Lauf in a crowded primary to become a GOP candidate, but ultimately lost to incumbent representative Lauren Underwood in the general election. a Democrat, by less than 2 percent.

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