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What is the easiest way to move a piano?

Oct 6


It is challenging to move a piano. It is a difficult task that requires a lot of preparation and manpower. It's so complex and tedious that it has its niche within the moving industry. You can find moving, and storage businesses all across the country solely focused on piano moving.


We recommend hiring a professional piano moving company to handle the job. Pianos can weigh between 300 and 1,000 pounds. A piano is often the most expensive and valuable item in a home. A quality piano can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. Professional movers are necessary because of the piano's high value.


If hiring professional movers is not within your budget or timeframe, you can move most keyboards with the help and assistance of your friends. We recommend hiring professionals if your grand piano weighs more than 1,000 pounds. These large pianos require special equipment and care only professional moving companies can offer. 


We recommend hiring professionals if there are stairs steepening or narrow corridors.

Are you still convinced that you can move the piano by yourself? Take a look at these helpful tips.

Before Moving A Piano

Search for the right moving supplies and materials.

You'll first need to ensure that you have the right supplies and materials to move the piano safely and securely. For the protection of both an upright and grand piano, you will need many moving blankets. You don't want a scratch or worse! It would help if you did not scratch your precious instrument. Tip: You can also cover your piano with blankets and thick towels. To secure blankets in place, you will need several rolls of tape. A dolly that can hold the weight of an upright piano is also required.


Moving blankets can be purchased at many physical stores. You can also order them online from Amazon, Uboxes and US Cargo Control. You can also rent moving blankets through U-Haul and Budget Truck Rental. Many companies that rent moving blankets also rent dollies.


Grand pianos can be more difficult to move due to their structure and size. You will need additional supplies. We recommend purchasing the correct size piano board (also known as a piano skid board) for your move. You will also need straps and an electric screwdriver to hold your piano on the skid board.


A piano skid board can be rented from local moving companies for $20 to $25 per day or $60 for one week. You can also purchase a skid board from a moving company,

but this will be more expensive. A standard piano skid board costs between $175 and $200. A skid board for a large grand piano can cost as much as $600.

Get as many helpers to your cause as you can.

After you have all your supplies organized, we recommend that you form a team of strong helpers. There will be at least four people needed, but it could be more depending on how large the piano is and how complicated the move is. Friends, family, and neighbors with experience moving heavy items are best. You should ensure that they all wear appropriate clothing and shoes for moving with good traction.


You can also hire hourly labor if you don't want to bribe your friends or family with pizza. In some cases, companies like Bellhop or HireAHelper can do the heavy lifting. It will depend on the local franchise policies and how heavy your piano is also, if there are stairs involved, and other factors. The team they send will not have any experience moving pianos and could cause damage to your house or piano. However, they will be less expensive than professional piano movers if you hire them per hour.

Upright piano moving


  1. Bubble wrap can cover the pedals and keys of your piano.
  2. Wrap a towel or foam packing sheet over the piano lid. Tape the towel or foam in place.
  3. Tape the piano with tape. Cover it with moving blankets. Cover the sides, front, and back of the piano with blankets.
  4. Move or ratchet straps can be used to secure the moving blankets.
  5. Your team should be ready for the lift. To lift the instrument, you should have at least one person on each side. To slide the dolly under, a third person should be present.
  6. You can avoid injury by bending your knees while lifting.
  7. Slowly move the piano around the house. To reduce damage to the piano and house, take extra time through doors and around corners.
  8. Use ratchet straps in the truck to secure the piano.
  9. To ensure better control, one person should be present when unloading the piano from a truck.


Do you prefer to hire professional movers?

If you wish to move your piano, but not yourself, many professional moving companies can help you. Piano movers toronto has an extensive network of reliable and reputable movers. Our network includes licensed and insured relocation companies so that you can be sure your move (and your piano!) will go smoothly. We wish you all the best and have a great time moving.