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How do I protect my piano when moving?

Oct 6


First, hiring a Piano Mover Expert is highly recommended if your piano needs to be moved. This is especially true if the piano must be moved up or downstairs. The piano is heavy and awkward and can be quite costly. However, if you want to know how much it costs? Read Piano Moving Costs.

Here are some tips for moving your piano by yourself.


Make sure you have the right equipment

You can rent or buy heavy-duty straps to give the piano a stronger hold. A furniture dolly that is strong enough to support the weight of your piano is also recommended. Straps can be used to attach the piano to the moving truck. Talk to a moving company or supply center if you have any questions. They will direct you to the correct tools and offer suggestions based on the piano you are moving.


To protect your piano from bumps, you will need to rent or buy padding or blankets. These will protect walls against cracks and scrapes.

Cover the keyboard lid.

To prevent the keyboard lid from opening during the move, first, close it and lock it. Protect the keys as they are fragile. If the keyboard lid doesn't lock, wrap the piano in a blanket to protect it. The tape will not seal the lid as it can cause damage to the wood surface.

Wrap the piano.

Wrap the piano with the padding or blankets, wrapping it around the corners and securing it using packing tape. The tape should not come in contact with the piano's surfaces. The blanket/padding should be thick enough to protect the piano from bumps.


The piano can be lifted.

Remember to keep the piano from being lifted by its legs when moving it around, either onto the furniture dolly or onto the truck. These legs are very vulnerable. Keep the piano upright. It is dangerous to place the piano on its side.

Hire Take Off Moving

Take Off Moving is highly recommended if you have the means to hire them, especially if you need to move a delicate piece such as a piano. Some companies specialize in moving pianos. In the rare event that they damage your piano, most movers are covered by insurance.


Experts of Take Off Moving have been specially trained in how to prepare and move pianos, as well as unload them. There's no need to be concerned about your piano getting damaged or missing a step. This is a great stress reliever.