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Piano Moving and Storage Guide

Oct 5


You should be able to safely move a piano when you move into a new home or move it. There are many types and weights of pianos. Some may be lighter than others, depending on their type. However, the piano is generally a heavy-weight item.


  • You should have easy access to the piano from all sides
  • Before you move, lock and lower the lid.
  • Place one person on each side of the piano and ensure that everyone is properly aligned.
  • Take out all obstacles that prevent you from moving the piano.
  • Don't strain the legs and move the piano sideways.


Do You Need to Hire a Professional Piano Moving Company

In North York professional piano mover may be able to help you move your antique or heavy piano. Pianos can be so difficult to move that many moving and storage companies specialize in them. The weight of a piano can vary depending on its type. It can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1 ton. It is important to decide whether or not you need professionals to protect your safety and budget.


Piano movers in Toronto are also familiar with the entire process. They will provide all the necessary packing materials and expertise to transport your piano. Although you may be able to move a piano, it is not likely that you are an expert. A team of piano movers is likely to be more familiar with the steps. They will be able to provide the necessary support for you to avoid any damage during the entire process.


Steps before you move a piano yourself

You should be prepared if you want to move the piano on your own. You will need the right equipment. It is also important that you make sure your piano fits perfectly every step. Below is a checklist.


1. Measure the space.

You need to be sure that the piano will fit into its new home. To ensure the instrument is easily moved, measure the space and doors.


2. You will need the correct equipment for the job.

You'll need at least piano dollies and straps. You will need different supplies depending on your piano.

To move an upright piano, you may need piano dollies. A piano board, or piano skid board, is required to transport a grand piano. The board will require padding and extra strapping.


3. Check the dimensions of the moving truck that you will need.

You can take a detailed inventory of your belongings, especially larger items such as your piano, and use that information to help you choose the right size moving truck for your move.


4. Clear the paths first.

Clear access to the doors in your new place and the location for the piano.


5. You will need to follow a number of steps depending on the piano type you have to move it.

  • Moving an upright piano: Make certain that the piano dollies that you use can support the whole weight of your piano.
  • Moving a grand piano: Before you move it, remove the legs. You will need straps and a screwdriver in order to attach the instrument to the piano board.

6. Make sure to place the piano first in your truck.

The piano should be loaded first on the truck. You can secure the piano using straps and ropes that will prevent it from moving during transportation.