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Why You Should Never Try DIY Piano Moving

Sep 20

Are you moving to a new home and intending to do everything yourself? If you don't include piano moving on your DIY list, it can be possible to move your furniture yourself. It is not possible to just throw them in a truck. Moving a piano requires extra care.
Here are the top reasons DIY piano moving is not a good idea.

1. The Piano Can Be Damaged
Despite its small size, piano can be easily damaged. Pianos must be held upright during moves. The steel strings are extremely strong and can be broken by slight mishandling. It will cost more to repair a piano damaged than to hire a professional piano mover.

2. You Can Damage Your House
The piano is not only heavy, but also unusually shaped. It is difficult to transport them up and down stairs and through doors. You are more likely to damage your walls, doors, and other furniture if you don't have the right tools.

3. You Can Injure Yourself
Pianos average between 400 and 1200 pounds. Injuries can result from lifting such heavy objects without care. People who attempt to move a piano on their own are more likely to sustain back injuries. They don't know how to lift heavy objects correctly and they end up injuring their backs. This is called a lumbosacral injury.
Your spinal cord can be permanently damaged by a simple effort to save money. Other minor injuries include scrubbing your toes and fingers.
You will see that DIY piano moving comes with a lot of risks. However, if you compare the cost of hiring a professional to move your piano, you'll realize that it is not worth the risk.
You can hire a professional piano moving company to do the job for you while you focus on what you do best, like decorating your new home.
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You can't just toss your piano in the back seat of a truck, unlike other household items. Moving pianos requires careful planning and care. This blog article outlines some of the main reasons you shouldn't attempt DIY piano moving.


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