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What Cannot be moved in a moving truck?

Aug 25

There are a lot of things people tend to forget when they are packing for a move. But one of the most important things to remember is what you can't take with you in the moving truck. Here are some of the most common items that end up getting left behind.



When you're hiring a mover company to help you with your big move, it's important to be aware of what items they will and will not be able to transport. One type of item that most mover companies will not be able to deal with is flammables. This includes anything that is easily ignitable and capable of burning quickly, such as gasoline, propane, oil, paint thinners, and fireworks. While it might seem like common sense not to try and move these types of items in a moving truck, you'd be surprised at how often people try to do just that. Not only is it dangerous for the movers and their belongings, but it's also against the law in many states. So when you're packing up for your move, make sure to leave any flammables behind.


Explosives and Combustibles

If you're planning a move, it's important to know that explosives and combustibles cannot be moved in a moving truck. This includes items like ammunition, fireworks, propane tanks, and gasoline. Not only is it illegal to transport these items in a moving truck, but it's also incredibly dangerous. There's a reason these items are called "explosives" and "combustibles"! If they were to catch fire or explode while in the truck, it could cause serious damage to the truck - and to any other cars that happen to be nearby. In the worst-case scenario, it could even result in fatalities. So if you're planning a move, be sure to leave your explosives and combustibles behind. It's not worth the risk.


Perishable Items

Moving is a stressful time for all involved. There are many moving parts, from packing up your entire life into boxes to dealing with the logistics of renting a truck. One thing you don't want to have to worry about is your food going bad. That's why it's important to know that perishable items cannot be moved in a moving truck. While it may seem like common sense, you'd be surprised how many people try to pack perishable items in with the rest of their belongings. This is a safety hazard, as food can spoil and cause illness, and it's also against the law. Moving companies are not allowed to transport perishable items; if caught doing so, they can be fined. So when you're packing up for your move, be sure to leave the perishable items behind. Your stomach will thank you later.


Plants and Animals

Hiring a moving company to transport your belongings to your new home is a common and convenient way to make a move. However, it is important to remember that moving companies cannot transport live plants or animals. This is because moving trucks are not equipped to provide the proper care that these living creatures need. Plants require sunlight and water, and moving trucks are typically dark and temperature-controlled to protect furniture and other items from damage. Animals, on the other hand, need food, water, and exercise, and they may become stressed or even injured if they are confined to a small space for an extended period of time. As a result, making arrangements for your plants and animals is best before you schedule your move. If you have pets, ask a friend or family member to take them in while you're moving, or look into boarding options in your new town. And if you have plants, see if a neighbor would be willing to water them for you or consider giving them away before you go. By taking some time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly for both you and your beloved plants and animals.


Household Cleaners

When you're planning a move, it's important to be aware of Moving Scams. One of the most common Moving Scams is when unscrupulous movers try to charge you for moving household cleaners. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that household cleaners cannot be moved in a moving truck. This is because the chemicals in household cleaners can be dangerous to the health of movers and other people in the truck. As a result, it is against the law to move household cleaners in a moving truck. If you're planning a move, be sure to pack your household cleaners separately and keep them with you during the move. This will help to ensure that your belongings arrive safely and that you don't get scammed by Moving Scammers.


High-Value Items

When you're moving, there are a lot of things to think about. Will all of your belongings fit in the truck? How will you get everything from your old place to your new one? And what should you do with your high-value items? Many people assume that they can simply pack up their most valuable possessions and load them onto the moving truck. However, this is not always the best solution. High-value items are susceptible to damage during a move; if something goes wrong, your insurance may not cover you. Instead of taking a risk, hiring a professional shipping company to transport your high-value items is often better. These companies specialize in moving delicate and valuable items and can provide insurance in case of damage. As a result, hiring a professional is often the safest and most reliable option for moving high-value items.


Poisonous Materials

Moving is a process that often requires the use of a moving truck. While these vehicles are great for transporting large items, there are some things that should never be placed in a moving truck. Poisonous materials, for example, can be very dangerous if they leak or spill during transport. In addition, any type of flammable material should also be avoided, as the heat from the engine could potentially ignite it. As a result, it is always best to play it safe and leave these items behind when you move.