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Moving Day Etiquette

Aug 5

Whatever profession you are in, it is likely that your job involves frequent interactions with other human beings. There are likely a few things that you wish your colleagues, customers, or providers knew that would make their interactions more productive and smoother. They feel the same when you hire a moving company. These are ten things that your movers would love to tell you about moving day.

  1. Let them do what they are supposed to

    What can you do to help your movers? Let them do what they do best. Although you may believe you know everything, you hired full-service movers because you need them to do the job. These movers are professionals who have moved many boxes and fragile items. They won't be micromanaged and you'll feel less stressed.

  2. Before you move day, finish packing

Are your movers packing for you? If you have a full-service move, they will do so. You can save money by not paying for packing services. However, you should finish the job before they arrive. It makes their job so much easier if your house is ready for them to load onto the truck. It's a waste to ask them to wait while you pack.

      3. You should always have cash, jewelry, and prescription medication with you

Moving professionals can have a difficult time with certain items. Moving professionals don't need to be overloaded with jewelry or cash. They prefer to avoid being charged with misplacement. It can be stressful to move. Keep your valuables safe and let the crew handle the rest.

      4. The boxes should be labeled with the destination.

Your movers will be able to unload your boxes more efficiently if you label each box with the room it is going. If you're paying your movers an hourly wage, this is even more important.

      5. If something is fragile, always tell the movers and label the box.

Your movers wouldn't be psychic if they were. If something is delicate or needs gentle handling, let them know! It is important that they know what you are doing. Write it down, mark it or speak it.

      6. Make sure that they have quick, easy access

Help your movers to know where their trucks can be parked, how they can access your apartment, and any restrictions regarding parking and moving hours. Moving companies assume that all of this information has been gathered and is available to them. They will be upset if they find out that you have not prepared properly.

       7. Do not pack heavy items in large boxes

All those books can be put in one box. Wrong. It's not easy for even the most experienced moving professionals to transport a large box of books. And it could also burst during the move. You might need extra boxes to make up for the difference. Check out our guide for free moving boxes in your area.

       8. Your drawers, armoires, and desks should be empty

It can make your items heavier and pose a risk to sliding drawers or shifting contents. Most movers won't move furniture or filing cabinets with items in them.

Experts in packing recommend that you leave everything in drawers to make packing easier. However, it is important to secure all drawer contents with plastic wrap.

       9. Do not leave your movers behind

They can't do it alone and they need your help. They will need to find you quickly if you are not nearby. You should not leave the house. Let your movers know where you are located if you have to go out.

      10. Are you unsure how much to tip moving companies?

The standard tipping policy is $25-50 per move, or 10% to 15% depending on how long they worked and how many stairs they had to climb. It is a good idea to provide snacks and beverages throughout the day. This will help keep your moving crew energized and moving efficiently and quickly. Check out our How much to tip movers guide.


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