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Vancouver Washington Trucking Companies

Aug 4

Flatbed trucking companies in Vancouver Washington

If you’re looking for an experienced and vetted flatbed trucking company to safely transport your materials in Vancouver Washington State or the surrounding Portland Oregon metro area, it can be difficult to decide which one will best suit your needs.

Having the choice between dozens of trucking companies across Washington state and Portland Oregon, you'll need to narrow down your options quickly.

A local move in Vancouver Washington or the Portland Oregon metro area will be best handled by a local trucking company. These companies will have a better working knowledge of the city and frequently are familiar with the businesses requiring their services.

However, if you’re looking to move materials from Vancouver Washington to Seattle Washington, for example, you may want to get quotes from flatbed trucking companies in both regions.

This is because trucking companies in Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon, frequently travel the 1-5 corridor to Seattle and vise-versa.

After considering location, you should next  consider the type of truck you will need.

Do you need a dry van?

Do you need a flatbed? Is so, what size?

Based on the materials you are moving, you'll need to consider which company has the equipment for your move.

If you need a flatbed move, be sure to choose a trucking company with a long history and experience in the flatbedding industry.

Most flatbed moves require a higher level of competence than van loads do because flatbed loads need to be secured properly by experienced truck drivers who are adept at chains, tarps, binders and straps.

An experienced trucking company will also know how to acquire permits and pilots for oversized loads, and professional drivers will know weight limits and legal dimensions so there will be fewer hiccups when it comes to getting your load from point A to point B.

National Transfer, located in Vancouver Washington, serves the Vancouver and Portland Oregon metro area daily. Our service area covers Washington, Oregon and Idaho  with a staff that is experienced and professional.

With over 86 years experience as a top-notch trucking company located in Vancouver Washington, please consider us for your next flatbed move.