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Tips on How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Aug 4

You will notice a pattern in the moving process if you move enough. The initial excitement is when you gather packing supplies and boxes and get ready for the next few days of hard work. You realize that it's going to take you ten minutes to pack everything, while you actually need to do it in a matter of five hours.

Moving day finally arrives. It is a long, exhausting day of heavy lifting with the occasional hiccup. After all the work is done, you can relax in your new home for a moment before looking around at your boxes to see how much more you have to do. Meanwhile, life - jobs, kids, pets, etc. Your attention is still required for your family's well-being. The internet company has just stated that they will not be able to set up your service for another week.

It's not surprising that many people find moving stressful.

It's not all bad. In the end, it is usually a positive experience. It's a fact that moving brings with it stress. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it is better than letting it get you down. These 7 tips can make moving easier.

  1. Accept that stress is part of the moving process

    Acceptance is the first step to overcoming stress from moving. Acceptance is key to overcoming stress during a move. Consider other times in your past when you have accepted stress as part of the moving process and just dealt with it. It's a normal human reaction to stressful situations, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. It can actually be beneficial for you. It's okay to accept it as it is. But don't let that stop you from completing your tasks.

  2. Take your time

    Time is the number one source of stress when moving. Not having enough time is a major source of stress in moving. Although a stress-free move may not be possible, you can make it easier by taking enough time to do everything. For a one-bedroom apartment or studio, you will need to pack it in two days, for a two-bedroom home in three to four days, for a home with two bedrooms, for three to five days, for a home with three bedrooms, for five to six days, for a home with three bedrooms, and for a home with three to six rooms. You should allow yourself plenty of time to do other tasks, like researching and choosing a moving company, renting a truck, setting up utilities, and cleaning the house you are leaving. You'll feel more panicked if you wait until the last minute.

  3. Start small

    Confucius said that "the man who moves mountains starts by carrying away small stones." Once you get past the small things, you will quickly see how they add up to bigger things. If you feel overwhelmed by stress from moving, or if you don't know where you should start, something can be done. This could include packing up one drawer in your kitchen or organizing all of your books into a container. You can manage your stress by making small but significant progress. Don't worry about how you're going to get everything packed up and shipped to another place. Instead, focus on getting each piece done.

  4. Stay organized

    If you want to make moving easier, the organization is essential. This goes for all aspects of your move. From labeling boxes so they are easier to unpack, to keeping track of all documents (contract with your movers or new lease), this applies. All of it - in one place. You'll have fewer headaches and a smoother overall move if the organization is a priority starting at step 1.

  5. Professional movers to hire

    It doesn't matter if you have the budget for it, but it can help to relieve some of the stress associated with moving. Movers can help with packing and wrapping fragile items such as lamps and art, and also assist you on moving day. This means that you will have less to do and less stress. You should only hire a reliable and trustworthy moving company, or you could end up with more stress than you want.

  6. Ask for help

    Asking for help is okay. Ask a friend, family member, or just someone to help you unpack or pack if you feel stressed. The second set of hands can help reduce stress and make it easier to manage what could be a daunting task. Plan ahead to ask for help at least a week in advance. This will make it easier for anyone you ask to be flexible. Always show gratitude and return the favor if you get it.

  7. Sleep well

    It's easy for people to forget to sleep when there is so much to do. The more you don't get enough sleep, the more you will feel stressed. You should make sleep a top priority when you move. Try to get as much rest as possible. You can put a lot of stress on your body and mind when moving. If you don't get enough sleep, you will soon feel exhausted. You'll find you are more productive and less stressed if you allow yourself to recharge each night.

Moving can be stressful. Accept what you are going through and take care of yourself. After it's over, treats yourself to a relaxing massage or an evening out. It's a reward you will be proud of.



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