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How Much Should I Tip the Moving Company?

May 13

How much should you tip Santa Cruz movers? Since tipping is a part of the norm in American culture, we're used to leaving tips at the end of meals. Therefore it's a given that you should leave a tip for the bartender, server, or barista at a minimum of 15% of the total bill. There are gray areas with other areas, like a delivery driver, valet, or a moving company. They've been successful. Therefore the need for a tip is crucial however how do you decide the amount to offer?

In general, pay your moving company $4 to $5 per hour of work. If your move was only four hours and you're satisfied with the services then a total of 16-20 dollars is considered to be appropriate. A maximum tip of $40 per person when the relocation took longer than eight hours is a reasonable guideline.

Be aware that moving companies are in the field of service. It is a good idea to reward excellent service and work performance. Remember that moving large loads of objects is not easy.

Is Tipping Obligatory?

Moving isn't any different from the other services. It's wonderful to express gratitude to someone for doing something that you would prefer never to perform (or you're unable to perform). Moving isn't accustomed to being given tips, so whenever they receive one, it's highly appreciated.

How Much Should I Tip the Moving Company?

The price per worker who is in charge of the task is a good place to start. Start with $4 to $5 per hour for each individual. That's right:

  • A half-day can cost you $20 per mover.
  • An entire day's worth of moving costs $45 for each mover.
  • Moving for more than 12 hours costs between $50 and $60 per mover.

The amount you give your moving service must be proportional to the level of the service you get. It is recommended that you took into consideration how challenging the process is. Do you own a significant quantity of items? A lot of fragile or large objects like the piano, the pool table, or other large works of art? Imagine you have a set of stairs or other difficult entranceways. In this scenario, the mover will have to exert more effort to ensure that his belongings are carried safely.

Things to take into consideration when tipping a moving company

  1. It's not an easy task to move. Did you need to carry massive items, like furniture, climb numerous steps and walk through small hallways in your move? If your move was more challenging than the norm. If that is the situation, you can show your gratitude to the moving company by a modest increase in the amount of tipping.
  2. Another expression of appreciation. Did you show appreciation towards your mover in different ways throughout the moving process? In the event that you invited your moving crew lunch at a nice restaurant you probably won't get to receive a large amount of gratuity.
  3. Quality of service. You can show your appreciation by increasing your tip in the event that your mover went over and beyond what you would have were expecting from them.
  4. The kindness of your moving company. It is possible to include this as your final suggestion when your moving company is extremely friendly and you really enjoy your positive encounter with them.
  5. Speed and punctuality are vital. If you think your movers were professional and punctual throughout the move, you can consider this into your tipping rate.

When to Tip?

Review the performance of your movers to determine if you should give them a tip. Monitor the way they handle your possessions and the amount of work and energy they devote in the process of packing and moving.

You are able to give a tip at any time you want, but it's important to let employees know that you'll be praising them for their hard work, even before the task is completed. This could even inspire them to complete the work quicker and with greater efficiency.


So how do you best give your moving company a tip? Do you have a right to not pay a small amount if you're not satisfied with the service provided? Continue reading.


Whatever the magnitude of the moving, tipping your movers is a smart move. In the same way, if your moving company is rude, damages your property, or tries to trick you then it is appropriate to give no tip.

Be aware of the relocation's difficulty as well as the distance you'll travel as well as the number of things you'll have to move. What were your experiences with the move? Do you think the moving company was above and beyond the requirements of their job? What was the heaviest lifting involved? Would you recommend someone you know to the company that moved them?

After everything is completed and you are satisfied, show your movers an incredibly small token of appreciation if they've done an excellent task for you.

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