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Here’s why you should let professionals move your piano

May 5

Here’s why you should let professionals move your piano


All pianos, grand, console, or baby grand, are heavy. Moving expensive equipment yourself can cause damage. Your house and property are at risk. Regular house-movers are not the best option as they don't have the training to handle delicate items like a piano. These are just some of the many reasons why hiring Piano Mover Austin is so important.

Pianos are Delicate Music Instruments

People often mistake their bulky appearances for strength. Pianos are not meant to be stationary. They can withstand a lot of abuse. They are at their most vulnerable when they are in transit.
Pianos are delicate machines that can easily be damaged if not taken care of. Some pianos contain over 6,000 parts. Even if they aren't taken care of, they can pose a serious risk to your health. This is a significant expense that can cause financial problems and take your piano out of service for a time.

Pianos are very costly

It is worth the extra expense to hire a piano moving company. Experts can help you safely move your musical instrument and minimize damage.
Pianos can become out of tune when they are moved. While this is less expensive than fixing it, it can still be very costly to re-tune your instrument after you move it.

Moving a piano by yourself can be dangerous

Your health is the most important. The size and weight of your vehicle can have a serious impact on your health and that of others who move it.
Pianos are heavy and large, so they can be difficult to transport. A collision could cause serious injuries, such as broken fingers and limbs or sore backs.

Specialists Use Special Moving Equipment & Techniques

Professional piano movers make the best choice to move your piano. They are equipped with the necessary tools and have the training to safely handle delicate equipment. They are also able to disassemble and reassemble pianos if needed.

Reduce Stress Time and Money

While DIY might seem more affordable, hiring professional piano movers will help you save money in the long-term. Professional piano movers have the right equipment and the experience to make the job simple. This service is much cheaper than damaging or injuring your instrument.
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