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Moving Etiquette: 5 Do's and Don'ts Movers Want You To Know

Dec 9

Regardless of your occupation, you are almost certainly required to deal with other people on a regular basis. There are indeed a few things that you wish your customers, colleagues, or providers knew that would make your interactions much more smooth and productive. The same is true when you contract a moving firm. Here are a few things your movers would like to tell you about making the moving day more enjoyable for all.


  • Let them do their job.


How can you assist your movers? Let them take care of the job. You might think you know the best way to get it completed flawlessly, but there's a reason why you hired full-service moving services in the first instance. Don't be afraid; they're certified professionals who have moved lots of couches, crates, and even fragile objects. You won't be stressed, and you won't be apprehensive.

Do your packing prior to moving day



If you're paying for an all-inclusive moving company then they will. If you do not want to pay for packing services, make sure you've completed your portion of the work prior to when they arrive. This makes it simpler for them to load the house into their truck. If they have to wait for you to finish packing and then load the truck, it's a waste of their time, which is what you're paying for.

Money, valuables, and prescription drugs should always be at hand.


  • Moving certain objects can cause a lot of hassle.


They don't have to carry cash or jewelry and prefer not to be blamed for misplacing the items. Moving day is stressful, so ensure that your possessions are secure and let the Movers San Diego handle the other tasks.

Label the boxes with their destination.


Do you need assistance with moving people?


You can help your movers get their boxes unloaded faster and avoid the hassle of being a traffic control officer by labeling every box. This is especially crucial if you are paying the movers an hourly rate.

Be sure to warn the movers and be sure to label the box if something is damaged.


If your movers were telepathic and could communicate with you, they would not be your moving crew, so be sure to inform them of anything that needs to be treated with care or treatment for any other reason. It's important to let them be aware of what they should do. Note the information down, take notes on paper, or say it out loud, and then complete the task as swiftly as you can.


  • Check that they have easy access, simple.


Help your movers by making sure that you know where they can park their truck and how they will get the best access to your residence, and if there is parking or moving time restrictions. Your movers operate under the idea that the information they provide has been thoroughly investigated. They'd be furious to discover that they didn't prepare for a parking charge.


  • It is recommended to not put heavy objects in huge boxes.


It's not logical to keep all those books in one box? Wrong. A huge bookcase isn't easy to manage even for large-sized movers, and it may even rupture while in transit. We have a guide to finding free moving boxes around town if you need some more boxes to fill the gap.

Remove everything from your cabinets, armories, and desks.


This doesn't just make the item heavier, it also increases the likelihood of moving the contents or sliding drawers. Therefore, the majority of moving companies in San Diego will refuse to move furniture or filing cabinets that are still in use.


To help with packing For ease of packing, some experts suggest that everything is placed in drawers. However, drawer contents must be secured using plastic wrap.

If you're unsure of the best way to start taking a look at our guide on packing for success.

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