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Nov 18

How Opossums can actually benefit your home

Opossums can be very strange looking. Opossums have snow-white snouts and beady black eyes. They are often misidentified as vermin because of all these peculiarities. Opossums are not vermin-like rats and mice, but they do have a very different lifestyle. Opossums won't chew through your wires or invade your kitchen. Opossums only eat small insects, and they generally leave animals and humans alone. Opossums can actually cause more harm to your home than the small insects they eat, so it is important that you keep them around. For a more detailed look at the benefits of opossums to your home, take a look below.

There are many benefits to keeping opossums around

Opossums are nocturnal, which is a great advantage. If you have several opossums around your home, you can reap the benefits of their presence without even having to see them. Opossums eat pests that can be a problem in your home, which is the main benefit. Opossums will eat vermin such as rats and mice and overripe fruits and berries that can attract flies.
Opossums are strange little omnivores. They even prey on snakes, particularly venomous snakes such as copperheads or cottonmouth rattlesnakes. Because they are immune to snake venom, they can prey upon these predators. Opossums have the main advantage of reducing your chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Because possums love ticks, this is why they are so good at reducing your chances of contracting Lyme disease. According to the National Wildlife Federation, the average opossum consumes more than 5,000 ticks per summer. They also take care of their skin, cleaning it of fleas and ticks. The only marsupial in North America is truly one the most beautiful creatures one could have at home. Everybody should be careful not to accidentally contribute to their death.

Opossums in your yard: The drawbacks

Opossums are known for their positive qualities, but they also have some negative traits. They are wild animals and can be infected with disease. They are most likely to have these diseases in their feces. This is not a problem in humans but can be a problem in outdoor cats and dogs. If your pet is suffering from an opossum bite, you should immediately take it to the veterinarian. After treatment, capture the opossum humanely and move it to a natural preserve.
Opossums are great for your yard but there are other pests. Wesley Chapel Pest Control Pros can help you stop autumn from bringing unwelcome pests to your property. We are here to assist you with any pest control issues.
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