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Pest Control Services in Spring Hill, FL

Nov 16

Pest Control Services in the Winter

Although you may not be aware of it, different climates and temperatures can have different effects on pests. Some pests hibernate during winter, while others are active throughout the year. Many insects spend the winter months looking for shelter and food in your house. Pest Control of Spring Hill has the answer!

Rats Seek Shelter in Winter

Rats will seek shelter when it gets cold outside. They usually do this in dark and secluded places like basements or attics. The rodent can cause property damage by chewing through wires and drywall that could spark an electrical fire. Rats can spread diseases and contaminate food.
Seal cracks and crevices to stop rats entering your home. Keep areas clean and place boxes on the ground.

Cockroaches and Winter Weather

The most widespread species of cockroach in the world is the German cockroach. German cockroaches like to live in areas that are close to food and water. Spring Hill homes are a great place to raise cockroaches in winter. Cockroaches can cause allergies, spread bacteria and contaminate food.
Keep cockroaches away from your Florida home by vacuuming regularly, keeping counters and floors free of any crumbs or scraps, and looking out for signs like wing shells.

What is the Winter Weather Behavior of Raccoons?

The Eastern portion of the country is home to raccoons even Spring Hill Florida!. They may seek shelter in your house during winter weather through an attic, chimney, or other structure.
Keep raccoons away from your home by storing trashcans and recycle bins in sealed containers with an animal-proof lid. To keep raccoons away, make sure you inspect all exterior access points and fix any damaged siding or shingles. To prevent raccoons from entering your chimney, install a chimney cap.

Are Insects Active During Florida Winters?

All insects can withstand cold temperatures. For protection, they will burrow under tree bark or bury themselves underground. Many insects will die if temperatures fall below 32 degrees. They can survive the coldest temperatures if they hibernate in warm areas like your home or underground.

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Even though winter is here, that doesn't mean you can ignore pest and insect problems. We can help if you need pest control. Pest Control of Spring Hill can help you to eliminate pest problems. Our results will work for you, whether you prefer our traditional methods or our more environmentally-friendly options. We provide a reliable and friendly service that will make your home pest-free.