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How To Make Sure You Hire A Legitimate Moving Company In Colorado

Nov 3

Denver, CO movers

How would you feel if you found damaged valuables after moving from one location to another? Angry, sad, depressed, or emotional? Likely a mix of everything.

One error can completely ruin your moving plans. While not all moving companies in Arvada have a bad reputation, some can lead to bad scams. When considering the cost of service, it is up to you to find a reliable moving company in the Denver region and the rest of Colorado. So, how do you find a reputable company on a tight budget?

Consider the following:

Is the company licensed and insured?

It is important to ensure that the people you are hiring as a relocation crew is insured and licensed in Colorado. You can check the required licenses and other items in any of the moving company's online directories. You may also check with a US DOT system. If you choose to use local movers, do some research on state regulations. Interstate moving companies must offer two forms of liability: full coverage or released value

Full coverage makes the company liable for any replacements, be it in terms of product or money. This gives you complete protection against all your valuables. Released value is available without additional cost. However, if damage happens, you will only receive a percentage of an item's value. 

What are others saying?

When it comes to finding a mover for your job, checking their reviews online would be a nice place to start. You can also find reviews using the company's DOT BBB number or any other official website, such as the American Moving and Storage Association. This goes a long way in helping you find a reliable partner. You can also visit Yelp, Facebook, and another related websites to see customer reviews and recommendations. This will help you find the best moving company in Lakewood or Arvada, CO without any bias.

How do they handle complaints?

In the relocation industry, no matter how perfect a company is, there are certain situations out their control. Therefore, complaints are unavoidable. However, it is not the accidents, but the next part that makes a good or bad company. If movers are good at listening to complaints and resolving them the best way, the discomfort is less for the customer. Personally, I recommend checking out Arvada Moving Comapny. They build trust in their organization by showing professional credibility. You can get a good read on this by checking out reviews or asking friends or neighbors who used companies before.

Do they give free estimates?

Moving companies that adhere to the rules will most often conduct an on-site inspection or video review of your entire property before giving a quote. Or they may give you a rough estimate over the phone. Without this information, you could end up paying much more than your budget. You do not believe it? Think again. We recommend getting at least three quotes before choosing the best of the bunch. This is especially important when choosing a residential long distance mover where prices can vary drastically.

Last thoughts

Hiring good movers requires more common sense. It would be helpful if you paid attention to details and other things to seek professional demeanor and skill. Also, you can check if the company has a real office or is using a business email address. This is what distinguishes a fake moving company from a reputable moving company in the Mile High City and Rocky Mountains.

If your instincts tell you something is wrong, stop here and choose another mover. After all, you have to hand over your beloved possession to a stranger. They have to be good at what they do. So if you are faced with the question, "How do you prove a moving company is legitimate?" Just look at the clues. And get on with your relocation process with ease.