11 Meal-Prep Delivery Services Based in Greater Phoenix


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What a world we live in where you can push a few buttons and have someone prepare and deliver entire ready-to-eat meals right at your doorstep. Many such companies that prepare meals are based here in the valley. If you’re looking for something other than takeout or your own hit-or-miss cooking, consider these local options.

DiLandri Family Foods

880 East Lone Cactus Drive

The Phoenix-based company offers made-to-order meals for home delivery and corporate catering. DiLandri Family Foods is run by Ryan and Elizabeth DiLandri, who took inspiration from their own hectic schedules to make it easy for families to eat quality meals – things like all-natural grilled chicken parmesan or gluten-free Asian spicy beef. The couple even get meal preparation help from their kids, which you can see for yourself on the website.

Eat Clean Phx

13901 North 73rd Street, Scottsdale

The three year old company is run by Ryan and Brittany Powell from downtown Phoenix. Eat Clean Phx delivers meals to your home or office with a healthy twist, including organic options. Items include wild-caught salmon salad and turkey club wraps, as well as an ECP cobb salad that looks pretty. True to the company’s name, the meals have the added “sodium, oil, butter, and ingredients that don’t have to be in food”. Do you need proof? The nutritional information is detailed for each item.

Have your meals delivered to you by a Phoenix-based company like Fabulous Food.EXPAND

Have your meals delivered to you by a Phoenix-based company like Fabulous Food.

Fabulous food

Fabulous food

120 South 26th Street

Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events has been around since 1996 but a home and / or office delivery option was recently introduced in response to the pandemic. It now offers the Fab Chef’s Table delivery service, which offers meals like Gemelli Pasta Bolognaise and Chia Pudding. Categories include breakfast, grains and vegetables, main dishes, and snacks. Orders must be placed by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday so they can be delivered between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. the following Monday. The minimum order value is $ 85.

Food from Fabio

Several locations

“My name is Matthew Maguire and I used to be fat.” This is how the founder of Food by Fabio introduces himself on his own website. Food by Fabio is headquartered in Arizona and packages meals for delivery and pick-up at select locations in the Phoenix and Los Angeles regions. With a background in nutrition and experience as a personal trainer, Maguire is now capitalizing on those skills by offering healthy options like pesto wraps and protein donuts.

Fran’s kitchen

1221 West Warner Road, No. 105, Tempe

Fran’s Kitchen is asking customers to first find out their nutritional goals and then choose a meal plan like the Autoimmune Protocol or the Paleo Subscription. The result is meals like wrapped chicken, ham, and vegetables, as well as mixed green salads with papaya. There are also recipes online for customers looking to go under the hood of their incoming meals. Orders are due by 11 a.m. on Monday for deliveries on Friday and Thursday before 11 a.m. for Tuesday deliveries.

The Aioli Gourmet Burgers formed a food delivery service, Fresh Taste Meal Prep.EXPAND

The Aioli Gourmet Burgers formed a food delivery service, Fresh Taste Meal Prep.

Fresh flavor preparation

Fresh flavor preparation

739 East Dunlap Avenue

Anyone looking for keto-friendly options on this list can stop skimming. Fresh Taste Meal Prep offers pre-delivered meals such as the grilled bavette steak and tandoori chicken entrees. In addition, Fresh Taste takes most of the dietary restrictions into account. Meals can be delivered on Sundays and Mondays. Pick-up is available from Aioli Gourmet Burgers (the company was founded by the Aioili team) at 10652 North 32nd Street. For every 10 meals sold, Fresh Taste donates one to a non-profit organization that feeds the needy.

Preparation and catering of meals for nature

2013 East Cedar Street, Tempe

The menu at Nature’s Purpose Meal Prep & Catering is tough for paleo diet options. This means a heavy emphasis on gluten-free foods, dairy products, peanuts, MSG, or other common allergens. The menu is also high in protein, so it’s pretty low in keto and carbohydrates too. Meals supplied include a caprese bowl of chicken and couscous and the garden grill combo. Orders are due at 7 a.m. on Fridays. Deliveries are made on Sundays and Mondays.

Chef Jason Wyrick offers prepared, vegan meals.EXPAND

Chef Jason Wyrick offers prepared, vegan meals.

The vegan taste

The vegan taste

6835 North 58th Drive, Glendale

Award-winning vegan chef Jason Wyrick (he runs the business at Casa Terra and is the founder of the first vegan food magazine, The Vegan Culinary Experience) runs The Vegan Taste, which delivers vegan meals on Mondays. Menus approved by a Harvard nutrition professor are recreated every week. Some current examples are tacos veracruz, ciambotta with polenta, and satay noodles. Subscriptions offer six to 12 meals delivered weekly.

AZ TasteBuds

18440 North Seventh Street, No. 13

AZ TasteBuds has everything from Cajun shrimp shells to breakfast items like the OMG waffles. The company can also offer meals for a variety of lifestyle needs including weight loss, bloating, or just saving time cooking. Orders are due at midnight on Fridays. Meals are prepared on weekends and delivered on Sundays and Mondays. Delivery range is Valleywide, but there is a way to enter your zip code to make sure you are in the zone.

Get the Honkey Tonk Fries from Belle's Nashville Kitchen delivered to your door.EXPAND

Get the Honkey Tonk Fries from Belle’s Nashville Kitchen delivered to your door.

Tim Fuchs

Belle is on wheels

7212 East Main Street, Scottsdale

Belle’s Nashville Kitchen bar and restaurant in the southern Scottsdale style offers a meal prep service called Belle’s on Wheels. Meals can be picked up in the restaurant or ordered for delivery on Sundays and Mondays. Orders are due at 12:00 noon every Thursday and deliveries are made within a 3 mile radius of Belle’s. The menu includes Mediterranean dishes such as bison chili and the honkey tonk fries.

Scratch Culinary Meal Prep

2601 South 24th Street

The subscription-based, award-winning Scratch Culinary Meal Prep offers plans for a variety of diets with different serving sizes. These meals include a hoisin glazed chicken starter and a vegetarian gumbo. While meals cannot be collected from their physical location, Scratch is working with a number of gyms to offer other collection options in addition to delivery. Registrations must be received by noon on Thursday. Meals are delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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